Planning for a New Fence

Let Rose Fence help you with the process of purchasing and installing a fence.

There are several things to consider when planning for a new Fence or preparing to buy or have a new fence installed. Determining how your fence will be used is an important part of choosing the right fence for your property. Rose Fence is here to guide you through the process. We have been serving the Orlando area since 1987. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to help you choose between the many fencing types and styles available. Making purchasing and installing a new fence easier than ever.

Prepare everyone for the installation to come and prevent any surprises for the neighbors

At Rose Fence, we offer a wide range of fencing materials, types and styles to match your needs. The fencing professional who visits your home will discuss the product options available so you can choose the perfect fence for your property. Here are some things to think about when planning for your new fence:

What purpose will the new fence provide?

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Safety Barrier for a child or pet
  • Decorative (To enhance your property’s landscape and your homes appearance)
  • Noise Barrier (Nearby Traffic or Windy Areas)
  • Define Property Boundaries

Are there any requirements or restrictions to the type, height, style, grade specifications, color, or location of fencing on your property?

  • Corner Lot set-backs
  • Swimming Pool Code
  • Homeowner’s Association Guidelines
  • City or County Codes

Are there any site conditions which require or prevent a certain type of fence to be used?

  • Pool, Lake, Pond
  • Knee Wall
  • Slopes or grade issues
  • Drainage areas
  • Soil Conditions (Hard, Soft, Rocky, Gravel, Asphalt, etc.)
  • Landscaping or vegetation along fence-line

Where are the property lines?

  • Be sure to discuss your plans with neighbors whose property is located adjacent to yours. This will help prepare everyone for the installation to come and prevents any surprises to the neighbors. They may even be able to recommend a certain fence type or brand to use.
  • It is a good idea to confirm your property lines to make sure your fence will be installed within your property. This can be done by using your home’s survey to locate the property pins at each corner of the property. This survey is also used when we apply for the permit, so it is a good idea to have it handy for the estimate. We may be able to locate the property pins at the time of installation to ensure the fence is located within the property boundaries.

The process of purchasing and installing a fence is a construction project that may take some time to complete. Plan ahead so your new fence is ready when you need it. In most cases, only two to four weeks from contracting are needed to pull the permit, acquire materials, and install the fence. Some projects may take more or less time depending on the scope of work for each one.